Anstamm Scottish Terriers

Co-Breeders of 2010 WestminsteR BIS Winner

CH. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot

The Girls

Annie_for_web.jpg (42164 bytes)  Ch. Anstamm Maryscot Starstruck - Annie (co-owned with K. Huffnagle & M. Smouse))
Candy_for_web.jpg (40338 bytes)   Ch. Anstamm Maryscot Rock Candy - Candy
 Ch. Anstamm It's My Party - Chloe (co-owned with Jan Craig)
Dancer_for_web.jpg (56697 bytes)   Ch. Anstamm War Dance - Dancer
Mardi_Logansport_Hutton_for_web.jpg (13764 bytes)   Ch. Anstamm March Madness - Mardi
Eris_for_web.jpg (30095 bytes)  Ch. Anstamm Agitator - Eris

  Dallas Dayton KC for web.jpg (37865 bytes)

 Ch. Anstamm Maryscot Cheerleader - Dallas (co-owned with Mary O'Neal)

J_Lo_Evansville_KC_cropped.jpg (36893 bytes)

  Ch. Anstamm Maryscot Oh No You Didn't - J-Lo (co-owned with Mary O'Neal)

  Ch. Anstamm Party Line - Gabby (co-owned with Jan Craig)

Tilly_for_web.jpg (48583 bytes)

 Ch. Anstamm Party Time - Tilly (co-owned with Jan Craig)

 GCh. Anstamm Born Free - Palin (co-owned with Judy Klumpel)

Bridey_first_show_for_web.jpg (48984 bytes)

 Ch. Anstamm War Bride - Bridey 

Ch.  Anstamm Maryscot Just One Look - Holly

Twinkle_BW_Major_Louisville_KC_for_web.jpg (16223 bytes)

 Ch. Anstamm Good Morning Starshine - Twinkle