Anstamm Scottish Terriers

Co-Breeders of 2010 WestminsteR BIS Winner

CH. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot

Ch. Anstamm Rip Tide

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Rip had a short, sparkling show career. In 1996 as a puppy, he won one Best of Breed (at the GPSTC Specialty, from the 9-12 puppy class), and two Specialty RWD wins. He finished in 1997, going WD at the STCA Rotating and the 97 STCGA Specialties, & BW at the STCGL Specialty. He is a slightly exaggerated dog with a short back and a somewhat longer neck than contemplated by the standard. He has a long, clean, balanced head topped by small, well-set ears. He has good layback and correct angulation at both ends. His topline is dead-level and his tail is set on high. He's a big-boned boy with plenty of rib spring. He has the powerful hindquarters that are more often associated with English imports. His temperament is ideal--a non-stop showdog in the ring with more than enough fire, but sweet and loving at home. Rip is linebred on two of the breed's most sucessful modern producing sires, Ch. Anstamm Summer Lightning and Ch. Charthill Worthy Of Colwick. Rip is just starting his career as a stud dog. His first puppies include the only brother-sister WD & WB at Montgomery!

Ch. Wild Wind Braveheart

      Best in Sweeps & RWD 1997 STCGL Specialty
     Best in Sweeps, WD & BW 1997 STCM Specialty
     Best in Sweeps, WD & BW 1997 STCNO Specialty
Ch. Dragoon Dictator
     WD 1998 GPSTC Specialty
Ch. Dragoon Spectator
     Best In Sweeps 1998 STCGD Specialty
      WD 1998 STCGA Specialty
     Best in Sweeps, WD & BW 1998 STCA Rotating Specialty
     Best in Sweeps 1998 STCGL Specialty
     WD & BW 1998 Montgomery County
     Multiple Group & Specialty BOB winner
Ch. Anstamm Cosmopolitan
     WB 1998 Montgomery County
     Multiple Group winner
Ch. Anstamm Sierra Thunder
      WD, BW 1999 WSSTC
      Group & Specialty BOB winner

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                                                                                   Eng. Ch. Gaywyn Landmark
                                                                 Eng. Ch. Mayson Mascot
                                                                                  Mayson Evita
                                              Ch. Make My Day Of Mayson
                                                                                  Eng. Ch. Mayson Monopoly
                                                                 Mawdrena Moonlight
                                                                                  Sabrina Black Water
                        Ch. Anstamm Beat The Rap
                                                                                  Ch. Anstamm Summer Lightning
                                                                 Ch. Anstamm Flash Point
                                                                                  Lochmarryl's Fantasia
                                            Anstamm Cambrea Of Hemlock
                                                                                  Ch. Anstamm Summer Lightning
                                                                 Anstamm Short Circuit
                                                                                  Hughcrest Blackberry Brandy
Ch. Anstamm Rip Tide
                                                                                  Ch. Sun-Ray's Summer Sun
                                                                 Ch. Charthill Worthy Of Colwick
                                                                                  Colwick Time After Time
                                               Ch.  Charthill Wizard Of Boz
                                                                                  Ch. Charthill Baron Briggs
                                                                 Ch. Charthill Bridget By Briggs
                                                                                  Colwick Prime Time
                            Ch. Wild Wind Ebb Tide
                                                                                  Ch. Sun-Ray's Summer Sun
                                                                 Ch. Charthill Worthy Of Colwick
                                                                                  Colwick Time After Time
                                              Charthill Worthy Ember
                                                                                  Ch. Meade's Touch Of Andy
                                                                 Tessie's Special Touch
                                                                                  Shady Lady Sadie