Anstamm Scottish Terriers

Co-Breeders of 2010 WestminsteR BIS Winner

CH. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot

National Specialty Winners since 1987

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Ch. Anstamm Heat Wave
Montgomery 1987 Best In Sweeps
Montgomery 1988 WB, BW, Best of Breed
STCA Rotating 1989 Best of Breed
STCA Rotating 1990 Best of Breed



Ch. Anstamm I'm No Angel

Montgomery 1989 Best In Sweeps

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Ch. Anstamm Got It Maid

STCA Rotating 1989 WB

STCA Rotating 1990 WB, BW


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Ch. Anstamm Heavy Metal

STCA Rotating 1993 Best In Sweepstakes

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Ch. Anstamm Shout It Out

STCA Rotating 1993 WB, BW

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Ch. Anstamm Back To The Future

STCA Rotating 1994 WD, BW

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Ch. Anstamm Black Mariah

Montgomery 1994 WB, BW




Ch. Anstamm Brookwood Joint Venture

STCA Rotating 1995 Best of Breed

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Ch. Anstamm Can't Say No

STCA Rotating 1995 WB

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Ch. Anstamm Rip Tide

STCA Rotating 1996 WD

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Ch. Anstamm Cosmopolitan

Montgomery 1998 WB

Ch. Dragoon Spectator

STCA Rotating 1998 WD, BW
Montgomery 1998 WD, BW
Montgomery 2001 Award of Merit

Am., Ger., Intl. Ch. Arabella's Olympic Gold

STCA Rotating 2000 WD, BW

Montgomery 2000 Award of Merit

Ch. Anstamm Stonewall Jackson
STCA Rotating 2005 WD, BW

Ch. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot
STCA Rotating 2006 WB, BW
Montgomery 2007 BOB
Montgomery 2008 AOM
Montgomery 2009 Best in Show

Ch. Maryscot Swing Man
STCA Rotating 2007 WD
Montgomery 2007 Award of Merit
STCA Rotating 2009 BOS

Ch. Anstamm Maryscot No Speed Limit

STCA Rotating 2008 WD

Montgomery 2008 RWD

STCA Rotating 2009 WD, BW

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GCh. Anstamm Wild West

Montgomery 2009 Best of Opposite Sex

STCA Rotating 2010  Best of Opposite Sex

Montgomery 2010 Best of Opposite Sex

Anstamm Texas Ranger

STCA Rotating 2010 Best in Sweepstakes

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Anstamm Prime Minister

Montgomery 2010 Best in Sweepstakes

STCA Rotating 2011 Best in Sweepstakes & RWD