Anstamm Scottish Terriers

Co-Breeders of 2010 WestminsteR BIS Winner

CH. Roundtown Mercedes of Maryscot

Ch. Anstamm Like A Rock

(Ch. Anstamm Revelaire Renegade x Ch. Anstamm Mistyglen Show No Mercy)

RWD 2004 STC of Tampa Bay Specialty at 9 months of age

3-point major under Annie Clark at Blackhawk KC from the BBE class

Best in Sweeps, WD and BW at the STCGA Specialty for 5-point major

12-18 Sweeps Division winner at the STCA Rotating Specialty

WD at the STCNE Specialty for 5-point major

WD, BW, BOB at the STCNO Specialty to finish.

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                                                                      Ch. Anstamm Beat The Rap
                                                 Ch. Anstamm Rip Tide        
                                                                      Ch. Wild Wind Ebb Tide
                                Ch. Dragoon Spectator
                                                                      Ch. Anstamm Loud And Clear
                                                    Ch. Bar-None's Tailor Made
                                                                      Bar-None's Everlasting
                  Ch. Anstamm Revelaire Renegade
                                                                      Ch. Anstamm Flashback
                                                 Ch.  Anstamm Back At You
                                                                      Ch. Anstamm Atta Girl
                                Revelaire Affair To Remember
                                                                      Ch. Anstamm Flash Point
                                                 Ch. Revelaire's No Small Affair
                                                                      Ch. Revelaire's Dark Victory
Anstamm Like A Rock
                                                                      Ch. Anstamm Summer Lightning
                                                 Ch. Anstamm Flashback
                                                                      Bar-None's Lasting Impression
                                Ch.  Anstamm Back At You
                                                                      Ch. Spartan Flea Flicker
                                                 Ch. Anstamm Atta Girl
                                                                      Anstamm Everybody's Girl
                  Ch. Anstamm Mistyglen Show No Mercy
                                                                      Ch. Charthill Worthy of Colwick
                                                 Ch. Charthill Tale Of Toby Bosch 
                                                                      Charthill Tale of Anna Marie
                                Mistyglen Tale Of Sunny Days
                                                                      Ch. Anstamm Flashback
                                                 Anstamm Prima Donna
                                                                      Reeser's Shadow Caster